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Nurturing Sales Leads: Best Practices for Effective Follow-Up Strategies

About ConduitSales
At ConduitConsulting, we specialize in helping clients generate new business, optimize sales strategies & help speed up your funnel with high conversion opportunities. Our team of professionals will work with you to understand your product, goals, analyze sales data to develop customized strategies that will maximize your success. 
Our consulting organization is dedicated to solving your problem areas around taking your product to your customers. With a passion for data and process, we look to simplify sales models for organisations. Our commitment is to identify the right systems and processes to maximise impact and generate high quality awareness for your product and help generate revenue for your organization. We help create and address existing gaps in the sales process to help foster growth, product adoption, gain market share and  generate revenue.


Business Presentation
Consulting Services
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Create a Sales universe & process for your GTM
Plan your sales format and meet your goals
Create the right lead generation programs 
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Create the right content & campaign enablements
Track KPIs, KRIs and measure performance
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Get sales asset hiring assistance
Hire an Outsoured
VP- Business Development
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Fractional Sales Leadership
Fractional Sales Leadership
Hiring the right Sales leader needs to be a priority for your start-up who can create the momentum needed and enhance traction in the early stages of growth.

Make sure you get the right support to make the right hire. An outsourced or fractional Head of Sales is a sales expert – experienced in Business Development and sales management – can help your  organization improve its sales strategies, sales processes, sales tools, and sales systems in order to drive revenue growth.  With proven sales leadership skills- they dedicate time to clients and bring in depth sales management experience and build the sales infrastructure needed to be successful . Outsourcing your sales leadership is often a smart way to bring top expertise & resources into your organization in a cost effective way
Benefits of working with us
  • Role based Skilled Resources
  • Streamlined outreach & nurturing with sophisticated cadences and data management
  • Performance analysis, pipeline management, & detailed activity reporting from our comprehensive performance dashboards
  • Complete transparency & access to the delivery team
  • Scalability to suit your needs
ConduitSales came recommended through an industry peer as we were trying to expedite a large part of our B2B SaaS sales conversions for our product for our hospitality logistics platform in the US and UK. We were noticing our  sales conversions were not cohesive to our expectations and speaking to Amulya, we understood how we weren't optimising our leads and she has assisted in implementing process changes to decrease our churn rates . We are noticing the right changes in our B2B SaaS sales process and as well as our conversions

Outsource SaaS sales to discover high-ROI prospecting methods for breakthrough B2B SaaS sales results. Invest in a SaaS Sales Consulting agency with Industry experience and access to B2B SaaS sales friendly tools, systems and technology already in place that is suited to scale a fast paced SaaS Sales companies' business needs. We'll take care of all the heavy lifting and grunt work of building repeatable SaaS sales and marketing channels for you. With our SaaS sales expertise, we help break into new markets and create steady, scalable pipeline and channels.

ConduitSales offers B2B outsourcing, Outbound Lead generation and advisory & consulting services and enables early and growth Stage SaaS companies in building high value sales organizations . Our services help you right from conceptualizing your go-to market strategy to executing a revenue generation engine. 

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