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Our background in the SaaS sales space has given us  in-depth  understanding of the significant gaps that exist today both from the perspectives of start-ups trying to position their SaaS products in the market as well as customers experiencing their buying journey. Start-ups often face challenges in creating an effective sales program and often introduce non-cohesive sales methodologies, processes, tools or hire sales talent that can be counterproductive to establishing a sustainable and efficient sales program. We understand more than anybody that creating a well functioning sales organization is no easy feat and and our drive comes from wanting to ease the challenges in your growth journey.  

Our experience allows us to find and apply the right sales methodology for your organization by following your goals and vision and then applying the right strategy, processes and best practices and help open the right channels for engagement. Applying this format helps us  gain the insights needed to assist companies meaningfully create and address existing gaps to help foster growth, product adoption, gain market share and  generate revenue.

Our Consulting organization is dedicated to solving your problem areas around taking your product to your customers. With a passion for data and process, we look to simplify sales models for organisations. Our commitment is to identify the right systems and processes to maximise impact and generate high quality awareness for your product and help generate revenue for your organization.

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About Us

Our Team

As a growing consulting organization, we pride ourselves with the talent we have on our team. We have a blended team of talent from various backgrounds and a shared love of championing growth for SaaS Startups.  


About the Founder



ConduitSales was created as a result of nearly Amulya's 18 year long passion for Sales, Startups and SaaS.  Her career in Sales began in 2004 when she discovered her passion for sales and  her ability to achieve 2-3x of her targets often. In the advent of the SaaS era, Amulya got the opportunity to work with revolutionary SaaS companies like  (Acquired by Facebook), Clarizen (Goldman Sach’s company) with founding members like Sam Lessin (A close friend to Mark Zuckerberg), Guy Shani, Steven Greenwood on their external pilot sales team to drive early product adoption and acquire customers. Benefitting from this experience and success, she transitioned to B2B sales with additional responsibilities of leadership and team management at companies like MetricStream (Gartner magic quadrant GRC Leader), Maclear, Colortokens and Entropik Tech before starting ConduitSales. Under the guidance of CEO of MetricStream - Gaurav Kapoor, she worked with Global corporations such as P&G, G.E Capital, Barclays in acquiring them as customers.


Her in depth experience of working with various market segments in North America, UK, EMEA and India regions allow for strategic sales planning with these markets. She has been a  part of Start up network & communities in the San Francisco Bay Area, London and Bangalore  and for long has independently consulted with technology startups, incubators and investors on a number of projects. This experience of working with Start-ups has helped gain a strong understanding of markets,  buying behavior and  create growth strategies for new SaaS product positioning. She has managed teams of up to 35 SDRs, Inside Sales and Sales members to create 8 figure pipelines during her career 

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