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Go to Market 
  • Segmenting markets and customers
  • Segmenting products and services:
  • Defining sales strategy
Sales Strategy and Planning
  • Define Sales Targets
  • Industry and Market Overview
  • Competitor, swot analysis,& market research 
  • Resource skillsets and Capacity planning
  • Process flows
  • Lead universe mapping and allocation
Lead Generation 
  • Existing gaps in lead generation program
  • Lead universe and scoping
  • Prospecting best practices
  • Cadence and lead work flows 
  • Qualification criteria
  • Funnel Management
Operating Model and Structure
  • Defining the buyer journey and your sales process
  • Sales channel and coverage
  • Designing sales organization structure
  • Process flows
Image by charlesdeluvio
Image by charlesdeluvio
Sales Talent Support
  • Role based Job description
  • Skill set mapping
  • Interview Process
  • Selection of candidates
  • Fitment analysis
Sales Performance and Productivity
  • Process adherence
  • CRM metrics and reports
  • KPI creation and enforcement
  • Aligning KRAs
  • Goal setting
  • Target creation and assignment
  • Target performance Q on Q check
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Conduit's Consulting services offer competitive advantages and help you in creating and increase right sales strategies to create the right.


Outsourcing firms deliver more than just cost reduction and risk mitigation. The ramp-up times for sales outsourcing partners are shorter than those of in-house sales representatives, due to their expertise in the field. They get the right opportunities and close more significant deals to build a sustainable pipeline over time.

We help SaaS Start-ups address their gaps or even help with setting up the sales teams from the get-go . Balancing sales teams, tools, manpower and the process of trial and error without the expertise in sales management in the hailstorm of expenses can be a daunting experience



With our consulting services, you can expect  comprehensive and extended sales support. To understand your business, we dig deep into your GTM, product, competitors, sales and marketing stack, USPs and ICPs.  


 Some Key Benefits of working with us are:



We provide versatile, experienced, and low-risk worldwide sales coverage.


We were able to reduce time to market significantly thanks to our dedicated sales experts.



We are able to operate with with very little  set up and ramp up time, helping you get the support you need quickly


We'd love to hear from you

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