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Sales Channel Conversions


Freemium Sales Model

1. Offering your customers the experience of trying out your product through freemium growth plans is a tried and tested process. What makes this growth plan effective to your organization today?


2. How well are you engaging your  customers through your product and creating the experience for them to translate this to paid subscriptions?

3. Learn how to get your Freemium model to work for you and mitigate limitations that exist today around this growth strategy for your organization

4. Explore with us the parameters needed to create success around the model and explore key Metrics involved in successfully implementing this program and creating product based growth


Inbound sales channels

1. How are you translating your traffic into a successful sales program?

2. Are you investing in marketing but losing the potential to convert them into meaningful customers?

3. Is your current sales infrastructure creating the right engagement experience for your customers?

4. What are the best ways to create  sustainable lead nurture processes for your inbound leads?

5. What channels are you yielding the highest converting customers?

6. Omni-channel marketing is a laborious and expensive process, your success not only depends on your investment to create the right channels for traffic to your website but it is important to understand how  they converting into sales opportunities and revenue for you.


Outbound sales Programs

1. Outbound sales processes are not going anywhere. This age old tested process has the ability to create high impact if successfully implemented. This process is just not about calling a set of leads and expecting results, There is lot more to generating high value leads and creating value through a set of industry best practices to help yield maximum returns out of this traditional sales model.

2. Do you have the right database and the right decision makers?

3. Are you successfully engaging the right tools to create multi-medium outreach and creating high impact connections

4. Are your campaigns yielding the right metrics create to enable success?

5. Learn more from us the process of advocating the right processes to create high impact opportunities and pipeline


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