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Starter - Outbound Sales Package

  • 2 Email campaigns/month

  • 2 social media posts per week

  • 5 qualified sales appointments

  • 10 Hours of Advisory and Consulting

Base Holistic Sales Package

  • 20 Hours of Advisory and consulting , research

  • Strategic sales plan , Sales script

  •  2 Email campaigns to nurture leads and convert leads

  • 80 Hours Lead generation( prospecting via LinkedIn and calls )

  • 1 sales with 20 hours market research to support the project

  • 2 social media posts per week Including content and design


Advisory and Consulting Package- Fractional Sales- 80 Hours

Business Meeting
  • Developing a sales strategy that supports overall revenue growth goals

  • Assisting with or managing sales recruiting, hiring, training, and onboarding

  • Establishing essential sales goals, relevant metrics and process management

  • Reporting on and analysing sales performance

  • Creating or revising sales compensation plans to optimize motivation and performance that deliver results

  • Selecting, customizing, and fully leveraging a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system

  • Documenting and implementing a defined sales process

  • Holding the sales team accountable via weekly team meetings, coaching, training, and corrective-action plans

  • Assisting management with initial – and often, continuing – oversight of implemented sales management programs

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