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Q:Why do you need a sales consulting company?

A:Even the best designed product doesn’t reach its full potential without a strong and dynamic sales strategy. Through our industry experience, we’ve observed, most start-ups encounter course altering setbacks when deploying the right sales strategy. With many moving parts in your start-up,  the guidance of  experts can elevate the sales process and get you started on the right path. This approach when taken timely can help conserve critical resources, budgets, time and course corrections. 


ConduitSales was created to offer support to SaaS companies take their products into the hands of their customers. We take a meticulous approach to understand your products, vision and create implementable growth plans. We not only help create growth plans but take existing processes and create better ones through industry tested best practices and models.

Q: What is a SaaS sales consulting company?


A: A SaaS sales consulting company provides expertise and guidance to help SaaS companies improve their sales processes, increase revenue, and grow their customer base.


Q: What services does a SaaS sales consulting company offer?


A: A SaaS sales consulting company may offer a variety of services, including sales strategy development, sales process optimization, sales team training and coaching, lead generation, customer acquisition, and sales performance measurement and analysis.

Q: How can a SaaS sales consulting company help my company?


A: A SaaS sales consulting company can help your company in a number of ways, including improving your sales processes, increasing revenue, and growing your customer base. They can provide expertise, guidance, and support to help your sales team perform at its best.

Q: How do I know if my company needs a SaaS sales consulting company?


A: If your company is struggling to generate leads, close deals, or grow revenue, a SaaS sales consulting company may be able to help. They can provide expertise and guidance to help you improve your sales processes and achieve better results.


Q: How do I choose the right SaaS sales consulting company for my company?


A: When evaluating SaaS sales consulting companies, consider factors such as their experience working with companies similar to yours, their track record of success, their approach to sales consulting, and their pricing and contract terms.

Q: How much does it cost to work with a SaaS sales consulting company?


A: The cost of working with a SaaS sales consulting company can vary depending on factors such as the scope of services, the length of engagement, and the level of expertise required. Be sure to discuss pricing and contract terms with potential providers before engaging their services.

Q: How long does it typically take to see results from working with a SaaS sales consulting company?


A: The timeline for seeing results from working with a SaaS sales consulting company can vary depending on factors such as the scope of services, the level of expertise required, and the complexity of your sales processes. However, many companies see improvements in sales performance within a few months of working with a sales consulting company.

Q: Can a SaaS sales consulting company help me scale my sales team?


A: Yes, a SaaS sales consulting company can provide expertise and guidance on scaling your sales team, including hiring and training new team members, developing sales processes, and measuring and analyzing performance.


Q: How can I measure the success of working with a SaaS sales consulting company?


A: Success metrics for working with a SaaS sales consulting company may include improvements in lead generation, sales pipeline velocity, close rates, and revenue growth. Be sure to establish clear success metrics with your sales consulting company before beginning your engagement.

      Q. Top benefits of sales consulting services?

Quicker Go-to market and implementation

Gain and grow customers at a better pace

More efficiency around processes and systems

Better sales culture within your teams

Q:What Services does ConduitSales offer?
 Advisory services:
Gotomarket and demand strategies
Sales Strategy and planning
Scaling existing sales process
Effective lead generation processes for your products
Advise on creating sustainable sales operating models
Define sales hiring and management strategies
Metrics and Management
Consulting services:
​Messaging services for sales activities including scripts and templates
ICP, value proposition, cadences
Conduct interviews to help you hire the best sales staff
Create lead management programs
Tool evaluation and Implementation
Sales budgets planning and incentive programs
​​We help
Create a sustainable growth model and your Go-to market
Address existing gaps within your demand gen through questionnaires, 1-1 interactions and team discussions
Create your ideal customer universe
Messaging that resonates with your audience
Devise processes to ensure effective lead journey
Increase conversions through lead stages
Apply key metrics to manage and track sales growth
Help hire investable sales folks who have the ability to generate revenue
Create customer retention and advocacy models
Q.How is ConduitSales a better sales firm for me?
Our background of working with high growth sales teams in varied roles B2B start-ups have brought us learning and experience that make us envision sales organizations we want to create based on our own experience while also addressing challenges we once faced in these organizations ourselves. Each of the consultants have years of experience in fast paced environments and each bringing skillsets in very specific areas of the sales process.
ConduitSales offers
Highly skilled consultants with role based specialization
Organized onboarding to support you getting started with us
Flexible terms for engagement
Industry network to support internal learning and development
Support for different time zones
Q.What are some steps to execute a good outbound sales program for my company?
 Your outbound process may be your most productive or draining investment and it is entirely dependent on how it is implemented. To create a successful outbound program you need:
Go-to Market Strategy
Important to understand your demography, target geography, companies, competitor analysis, Ideal customer profile , buyer personas, prospecting strategy, value proposition to support best outbound outcomes
Call scripts and pitches , Email templates, Sales Playbook including objection handling and FAQs
Leads and Database
Your outbound is  only successful if you have the right leads and datasets with verified contact details to support reach out efforts. This is easier said than done as plenty of challenges arise in procuring datasets or creating leads
Sales folks need access to the best tools to enable them to create email cadences, support calling and follow ups, CRMs to log customer data and interactions
Reporting metrics and dashboards
Metrics that are captured during outbound processes are invaluable to support and scale growth. Understanding the right KPIs, KRAs and enforcement are the roadblocks to making the process work for you.
Sales Talent Management
Sales is a broad process with multiple roles with each subset of the sales process requiring very specific skill sets. Outbound sales is not meant for everyone as this process requires high levels of energy, experience, ability to handle rejections, organization and planning. Your sales members are your best assets and require adequate training, hand holding, motivation, delegation and support with resources mentioned above
Things to look out for:
  1. Training on products, positioning and skill sets
  2. Account based mapping, Lead allocation, efficiency and discipline
  3. Funnel management
  4. Ability to replenish datasets and leads
  5. Consistent prospect education on value of products
  6. Content that can be shared with prospects
  7. Consistency in follow ups and prospect reach outs
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